About us

European Logistics Investment is a dynamically developing logistic investment platform.

With a focus on expanding our logistics asset platform, we sustain organic growth through: 

  • Continuously improving, expanding and protecting the portfolio through development activities 
  • Recycling capital by disposing of assets at the end of their investment life cycle
  • Unlocking value through active asset management 

Our investment focus

Our logistics platform comprises 37 income-producing properties, along with 2 assets under construction and 10 landholdings, which, if all developed, will total €1.25 billion in value and about 1.27 million sqm in size.

Our strategy

European Logistics Investment’s strategy is aligned to long-term trends and tweaked for opportunities and risks. With a focus on the logistics sector in Poland, we consider other locations as appropriate. 

We’re value seekers, investing where we believe the best market opportunities lie in order to secure sustained growth.

Our business activities

To advance our presence in Europe, we target capital value enhancement opportunities to generate sustainable returns over the life cycle of the portfolio.

The significant growth potential of European Logistics Investment’s direct investment in logistics demands an active management role to: 

  • Assertively manage risks and opportunities
  • Extract value through managing existing developments
  • Evaluate potential development projects
  • Manage leasing activity across the portfolio
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Optimise corporate and capital structures

Our leadership and management

Our leadership and management teams bring a wealth of knowledge and a track record of success to ensure we meet our strategic aims.

Management team

Pieter Prinsloo

Chief executive officer

Ronelle Oldenburg

Financial controller

Leadership team

Andrew König


Flora Bertano


Pieter Prinsloo


Walid Rabhiou